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customized energy solutions

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Rely on the specialists to develop and produce your customised rechargeable Li-ion battery solution! The Swiss company, Wyon AG, based in Appenzell is leading in the technology needed to manufacture the very smallest rechargeable Li-ion batteries.



We develop and produce customer-specific designs for the very highest standards of quality. Development is carried out in close cooperation with our customers and partners. Our many years of experience is used and appreciated in fields with the highest requirements, such as medical and security technology. The batteries developed by Wyon AG are characterised above all by the following characteristics:

  • battery solution adapted to your end product (not a standard battery)
  • special design possible, with curving shapes (rectangular or round shape not obligatory)
  • high energy density
  • very high quality standard with 100% testing
  • weight reduction due to patented plastic housing
  • high cycle durability
  • low self-discharge

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and work out the best possible solution for you. 
Call us or write to us, we will be happy to give you further information.





Wyon AG is a specialist... the development of customer-specific lithium-ion batteries in small or very small sizes. We manage to get the maximum energy out of only a small space. This is possible because Wyon uses special plastic housings. Thanks to these plastic housings, the shape can be chosen relatively freely. In addition, there is an enormous saving in weight compared with conventional aluminium housings. In many applications these are enormously important criteria.

Wyon is in a position to fulfil even the most complex specifications and the most stringent quality requirements.

The development is supervised by experienced project leaders who have the know-how for the development and production of complete systems taking into account electrochemical, mechanical and electronic aspects and environmentally specific requirements.

Thanks to our wealth of experience in miniaturisation, plastic and metal welding, laser machining, automation etc. we can react to customer requests very flexibly and at reasonably short notice.

Because the product development is supervised right from the beginning, the battery can be optimally integrated into the device as an actual part, in its shape and maximum energy density.

In order to get even more energy from the available space, the battery can also be a part of the external housing. This way a battery holder (additional housing) can be dispensed with and the space freed up can be used for the battery.

Your advantages at a glance

  • maximum energy from minimal space conditions
  • low weight
  • almost free choice of battery shape
  • long service life / low capacity drift (min 500 cycles)
  • highest quality assurance
  • battery can be designed as a part of the device

Project management

Our experienced project leaders have a clear focus on customer benefit. From the start, they are in close contact with the customers in order to be able to fulfil their requirements as well as possible. The project leaders are responsible for the planning and punctual implementation of the defined specifications.

The many years of experience in technically demanding areas of electrochemistry, electronics and mechanics is optimally applied in order to achieve maximum energy-volume utilisation of the customer specific battery.

During the project phase, the project leaders are supported by our engineers, chemists and technicians, in order to carry out the necessary tests on the batteries and be able to produce the systems in good time for production.

The project leaders not only accompany a product throughout development, but are instead also responsible for it after this has ended and the battery is in production.

Our large amount of experience in self-constructed plants and optimised production processes helps us to implement a new product quickly and leads to a quick reaction time for the implementation of a new production line.



Our designers work with the most modern 3D CAD development systems. Among other things, the systems allow a seamless interface with the customer data.

Because we have our own design department, the maximum energy density can be achieved in the customer-specific shape, in close cooperation with the customers and our project leaders.

Similarly, our production machinery and tools are designed and even manufactured almost exclusively in-house, if there is nothing suitable available on the market. This enables us to be extremely flexible and have very quick reaction times.


Mechanical Production

Our mechanical production department has modern CNC milling centres and lathes. It is therefore in a position to manufacture the most complex mechanical parts for our production equipement in an extremely short time.

Thanks to our in-house production, we can adapt the production plant and machinery optimally to the batteries using our know-how.


Safety Testing

In our development laboratories we are able to carry out all safety-relevant tests on batteries, such as UL 1642, UL 2054, IEC 62133, UN Transport etc. Thanks to these possibilities, the batteries can be tested according to the regulations and even in accordance with expanded requirements.

The following tests can be carried out in-house:

  • climate
  • vacuum
  • cycling (charging/ discharging)
  • misuse (burning, mechanical destruction etc.)
  • vibration
  • shock
  • electrical loads

In addition, we work together with external laboratories in order to also have our batteries tested by an independent body.

This guarantees our customers the highest battery safety.

Production control

The laboratories are also used for statistical quality control of batteries beeing in production.

Various stress tests are performed on the batteries that guarantee additional safety for the batteries produced.


Li-Ion Batteries


Wyon has specialised in the development and production of lithium ion batteries. This technology currently yields the highest energy density, which is of course decisive for small batteries. Also, the service lives of lithium ion batteries are so long that they usually correspond to the service lives of the devices.


The existing production arrangements of Wyon are designed for lithium/ion batteries from 20mAh to 400mAh. The voltage range reaches from 2.7V (discharged) to 4.2V (charged). The batteries can be charged and discharged at least 500x before they sink below 80% of their original capacity.

The external geometry and the specifications for the built-in safety circuit of the batteries are determined in cooperation with the customer.



Wyon uses market-proven standard materials from the best suppliers for all active components such as anodes, cathodes, electrolytes and separators. As housing material Wyon uses a gas-tight plastic. The plastic housing offers the following advantages:

  • substantially lower battery weight
  • high energy density
  • outside shape can be adapted to the customer's wishes
  • the safety circuit can be integrated
  • the housing is skin-friendly
  • an insulated battery compartment is not necessary
  • Surface and color of the batteries will be adjusted according to customer requirements.

There are two essentially different types with advantages and disadvantages.

Winding Technology

Price-optimisedRange of possible special shapes is restricted
Shorter development time               Under certain circumstances the space available cannot be fully utilised

Stack Technology

capacity can be optimally used in regards of the available spaceAbout 20% to 30% more price-intensive
Almost no restrictions on the shape2 parts of the housing need to be parallel



The charging of lithium ion batteries is an important factor in their service lives.
Wyon therefore offers the customer a charging device suitable for the battery and application. The charging device is designed in accordance with the customer's wishes.

Wyon also supplies the voltage supply suitable for the special charging devices, with international adapters and also car adapters.

It is, however, also possible to have the charging device developed and manufactured by your existing partner. In this case we will give you the appropriate recommendations for the charging of our battery.




Our modern manufacturing area for the production of the batteries is constantly being upgraded and thus adapted to the ever increasing requirements and new product lines.

The wealth of in-house know-how in the development and manufacturing of customer-specific batteries is used to provide special machinery incl. software for the production department. This gives us the greatest possible flexibility.

The knowledge of highly modern plastic and metal welding machinery, laser machinery, charging and discharging processes, miniaturisation and lots more helps us to arrange the production processes optimally and keep them stable.

highest quality

In order to meet the requirements of medical technology, the processes are set out in such a way that they guarantee full traceability. All data from production is stored in a modern databank and can thus, if required, be retrieved even after years. Because every battery has its own serial number, the data is saved for each battery.

The high process reliability is ensured by the internal training of our employees, which is conducted in the processes carried out by each person and repeated at pre-defined intervals. For each individual process there exists an electronic job instruction. The Document Management System (DMS) adapted to our requirements ensure that the most up-to-date version of the job instruction is always used and that the recurring training sessions of the employees are carried out.


Quality Assurance


Wyon goes to enormous effort to ensure quality. Due to the high sales to the medical industry, high quality control is a must. 

The production of the batteries takes place 100% in Switzerland. All batteries are individually checked several times. This means that Wyon checks every single battery electrically and also visually for pre-defined defects.

The values for a battery that are acquired in this process are saved in a databank and can still be traced years afterwards.

Wyon fulfils the ISO 9001 norm, but all processes are designed in accordance with ISO 13485. Wyon is always endeavouring to improve quality even further.


Application Examples

The existing production arrangements of Wyon are designed for lithium/ion batteries from 20mAh to 400mAh. The voltage range reaches from 2.7V (discharged) to 4.2V (charged). The batteries can be charged and discharged at least 500x before they sink below 80% of their original capacity.

The external geometry and the specifications for the built-in safety circuit of the batteries are determined in cooperation with the customer.


Here is a Safety data sheet of one of our products.



you can find older posts in the news-archiv




Wyon AG was founded in 1999 as a family company. In the first few years, the main field of activity lay in engineering.

From 2000, in addition to the field of engineering, the preparatory work was performed for lithium-ion batteries of extremely small size, high energy content and with the lowest possible weight.

Following this, Wyon developed and patented a new design for battery construction: a gas-tight plastic was chosen as a housing material.

In the years 2003 to 2005, comprehensive test series and the safety tests (UL and UN) necessary for product safety were carried out and successfully completed. Also, the production and testing facilities were set up and all necessary software was written.

Wyon has been producing customer-specific batteries for medical applications since autumn 2005. Other products are being developed and included in production on an ongoing basis.



Date     Employee
27.08.1999 Founding Wyon AG, Appenzell 2
Autumn 1999 Basic patents 2
2000 Start of development of a small rechargeable lithium-ion battery in a pure plastic housing in cooperation with the University of Basel 3
2002 Feasibility study  4
2002 Pilot line set up 4
2003 Start of development for customized battery 4
2003 Design of production plants 4
2004 Construction of production plants 4
May 2005 Relocation for reasons of space to the building at Hoferbad 12 in Appenzell
Deployment of production plants in Hoferbad and initial training of first production employees
Sept. 2005 Start of production  11
April 2006 Start of development of additional products 15
March 2009 Start of production of additional products 34
Sept. 2009 Full occupation of 2nd upper storey Hoferbad 12 35
Sept. 2009 Start development of stacked batteries 35
26.03.2012 Start new construction on Sägehüslistrasse in Steinegg 49
Sept. 2012 Start development of new battery design 52
Nov. 2012 Topping out new building on Sägehüslistrasse 53
Nov. 2012 Start interior work + completion of facade of new building 53
June 2013 Move into new building 54
24.08.2016 Start another new construction on Sägehüslistrasse in Steinegg 102


Our Vision
As an independent Swiss company we want to be the world's leading developer and manufacturer of customer-specific lithium/ion batteries in the smallest sizes. We offer our customers complete systems (battery, charging device, power supply units etc.).

Customer Expectations
Our customers expect high quality from us, in keeping with the words "Made in Switzerland", as regards the product, delivery reliability and services. The customer benefit is in the center.

The Geographical Orientation
Our orientation is international and we offer worldwide distribution to all industrialised regions.

The Distribution
The batteries are directly supplied ex works to our OEM customers, charging device and accessories are directly delivered to our OEM customers on our behalf by subcontractors.

Quality Assurance
With the quality assurance that has been introduced, it is intended to ensure the high quality demanded by the market and improved wherever feasible with suitable measures.

Our Employees
So that the production site Appenzell can also continue to exist in future, we demand and encourage team spirit and the personal commitment of all employees for low-cost production with the lowest proportion of rejects. We promote training at all levels.

We actively promote safety and protection of health at all activities and products.

The Shareholders
We secure sufficient and sustained profitability of the equity capital with a long-term company strategy.

The Suppliers
We cultivate a fair relationship with our suppliers, based upon respect. We evaluate them carefully and according to objective criteria and reward the services rendered fairly and in line with the market. We strive toward long-term relationships and contribute actively to this.

The Communication
Internal matters and information of customers and suppliers are always treated with secrecy. Internally and externally we communicate swiftly, honestly and comprehensively. We supply all involved groups with the information that they are entitled to.

Our Moral Obligation
Our products correspond to the legal guidelines regarding safety, health and environmental compatibility. We make the same demands on our suppliers.

Through targeted measures such as saving resources, avoiding emissions and reducing potential risks we take our environmental responsibility into account to a particularly high degree.

Contact persons

Management board

Paul J. Wyser

Paul J. Wyser

+41 71 787 56 25
Paul Wyser is the founder and CEO of Wyon.
Philipp Wyser

Philipp Wyser

Vice President
+41 71 577 45 73
Philipp Wyser is co-founder and vice president of Wyon.
Peter Wyser

Peter Wyser

+41 71 577 45 64
Peter Wyser is CFO.


Marcel Inauen

Marcel Inauen

Head of Project Management
+41 71 577 45 77
Marcel Inauen is the head of project management and thus the first contact for new project requests.


Raphael Mock

Raphael Mock

Technical Procurement
+41 71 577 45 85
Raphael Mock is the head of technical procurement.


Susanne Frischnkecht-Streuli
Beat Rusch
Beat Rusch
Head of Laboratory
+41 71 577 45 78
Esther Keller
Salome Rohner
Nicole Broger-Fuchs
Nicole Bucher
Bernd Englert
Bernd Englert
Quality Manager
+41 71 577 45 69
Rosemarie Koch-Schiegg
Géraldine Schiegg
Stephan Brander
Florian Meienberger
Florian Meienberger
+41 71 577 45 91
Katharina Inauen
Katharina Inauen
Accounting/ Human Recources
+41 71 577 45 63
Doris Wyss
Mafalda Zech
Michaela Manser
Joel Sutter
Joel Sutter
+41 71 577 45 88
Chantal Schiegg
Raphael Passeri
Raphael Passeri
Project Assistant
+41 71 577 45 93
Melanie Eberle
Fabian Breitenmoser
Fabian Breitenmoser
Head of Maintenance
+41 71 577 45 94
Ralf Schmidhauser
Ralf Schmidhauser
+41 71 577 45 96
Fabienne Weissinger
Regula Fritsche
Uwe Bernholz
Uwe Bernholz
Head of Design
+41 71 577 45 92
Edith Inauen
Ramona Meier
Andreas Gmünder
Andreas Gmünder
+41 71 577 45 72
Andreas Rusch
Andreas Rusch
Production Manager/ Mechanics
+41 71 577 45 68
Julia Stark
Jurek Domoslawski
Corinne Rüegg
Monika Graf
Karin Manser
Karin Manser
+41 71 577 45 70
Luca Mosti
Christian Gähwiler
Christian Gähwiler
Project Assistant
+41 71 577 45 62
Dzevka Hamzic
Markus Fässler
Maria Feiss
Michael Wild
Michael Wild
Mechanics/ Maintenance
+41 71 577 45 83
Neila Räss-Sutter
Bernadette Fässler
Selma Gedik
Rebekka Signer
Margareta Eyacher
Philipp Ledergerber
Philipp Ledergerber
+41 71 577 45 87
Barbara Fuster
Monika Gmünder
Angelina Neff
Patricia Mock
Lucia Koller
Cornelia Ulmann
Martha Inauen
Marie-Therese Wyser
Margrit Inauen
Bettina Fritsche-Fässler
Armin Manser
Armin Manser
Quality Manager
+41 71 577 45 71
Petra Dörig
Livia Rempfler
Livia Rempfler
+41 71 577 45 99
Astrid Frei
Maggie Zech
Myrta Fässler
Regina Wettmer
Nicole Streule
Patricia Nef
Patricia Nef
+41 71 577 45 90
Mathias Dörig
Mathias Dörig
Katja Fässler
Katja Fässler
+41 71 577 45 97
Simone Hollenstein
Luzia Wild-Wettmer
Andrea Dähler
Robin Signer
Robin Signer
+41 71 577 45 79
Christa Sutter
Coral Dörig
Bozica Zgela
Reto Knöpfel
Reto Knöpfel
+41 71 577 45 84
Juliane Majkrat
Clelia Spreafico
Irma Fässler-Graf
Gabriela Streule
Maurus Wyser
Maurus Wyser
Ruedi Keller
Rosa Maria Cores
Sabrina Neff
Vreni Frick
Remo Sutter
Remo Sutter
Project Manager
+41 71 577 45 60
Claudia Koller-Sutter
Thomas Fässler
Thomas Fässler
+41 71 577 45 98
Belma Kocyigit
Samuel Enz
Samuel Enz
+41 71 577 45 95
Bernadette Wild-Sutter
Natalie Zuglian
Lydia Dörig
Maik Grupa
Maik Grupa
+41 71 577 45 65
Elsi Mettler
Philip Ochieng Ndole
Franziska Inauen
Tamara Zech